What is fresh dog food and why is it good for my dog?

What is fresh dog food?

Fresh dog food is exactly what it sounds like-- fresh! Just like you go to the store and prepare healthy meals your family eats, we do the same for your dog! We procure fresh, restaurant-quality, human-grade ingredients each week, and chop, steam, boil, and mix them to make each of our fresh dog food recipes.

Once the food has cooled, we portion out each of your dog's meals into individual meal packs, and place these meal packs in cold, insulated boxes so they can travel to your door!

We see receive the food, you'll see what we mean! Our meal packs arrive 100% fresh (not frozen, not dehydrated, not freeze-dried-- just fresh!). You can see every ingredient for yourself in our clear meal packs, and know exactly what your dog is about to eat. 


Why is fresh dog food good for my dog?

There are a wide range of benefits to your dog eating a fresh diet, just like there are when you eat real, whole foods, as opposed to a processed diet with artificial ingredients! This article dives into many of the benefits of fresh dog food: Why Should I Feed Fresh?

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