How do I know how much to feed my dog?

We've made it as easy as possible!

One meal pack= one meal.

Every meal pack has been perfectly measured and portioned by our kitchen staff to include the exact number of calories your dog needs at each meal. So, all you have to do is rip open one meal pack for each meal, and pour the entire contents in your pup's bowl!

Feed two meal packs per day.

You should be feeding your dog one meal pack in the morning, and one meal pack at night. If your dog eats on a different schedule, please contact us to ensure you are still feeding them the appropriate number of calories total per day.

Feed fourteen meal packs per week.

Weekly subscribers will receive 14 meal packs total in every week's delivery. All of these should be fed before you receive your next delivery.

Monthly subscribers will receive 56 meal packs in every delivery, to be fed on the same 2x/day feeding scheduling.



Because every dog is unique, please provide us with any feedback if you notice your dog gaining or losing weight after a few weeks on NomNomNow. Simply email us at, and we can help with adjusting their portion sizes. 

Please also remember to update your account if your dog experiences any significant changes in activity. We factor activity levels into your dog's portions.

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