Can I skip my deliveries?

Yes, you can! Simply click here, or navigate to the Delivery schedule section of your account. 

Depending on what your reason for skipping deliveries is, we may be able to better assist you:

-Travel: Let us know in advance if you will be out of town, and we can send you extra food to take on your trip with you. We also allow you to redirect deliveries to a different address with each delivery. There's no additional charge for sending food to another address (whether it be your dogsitter, friend they're staying with, or boarding facility) for the time you'll be gone.

-Picky eater: Some dogs are finicky, but we have a few tips and tricks to help! Try warming food, or sprinkling a little cheese on top. Or, contact us for custom solutions. Whatever it is, they shouldn't have to sacrifice their nutritious diet, and we can make sure they don't have to!

-Account closure: Please call us at (415) 991-0669, or send us an email at 

Please note that dogs fed a fresh diet will have changes in the bacteria in the intestines to help them to process and digest the unique ingredients in NomNomNow diets. A switch to a different diet, especially one which is not fresh, even for a short period, may cause digestive upset like vomiting or diarrhea. 

Also note that all delivery skips and other changes must take place by the following deadlines: 

If your delivery day is Friday or Saturday, you may make changes up to 11:59AM on Sundays (the Sunday *prior to* your next order)

If your delivery day is Wednesday or Thursday, you may make changes up to 11:59AM on Thursdays (the Thursday *prior to* your next order)

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