What if I want to cancel my deliveries?

We'd hate to see you go, but know that life happens.

To cancel your NomNomNow account, please email us at help@nomnomnow.com and we will gladly assist you.

Please keep our 12pm noon PST Thursday deadline in mind when making any changes to your account that you would like to take effect the following week, including canceling your deliveries. 

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    Kathleen Rusher

    I just signed up but unfortunately have to cancel due to loss of job.

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    Cindy Nash

    Hello NomNom, I left a message on your main line late this afternoon.

    I received a confirmation that my account is now canceled.

    I would like thank you for your excellent service. The three dogs, Daisy, Bella, and Iris are highly allergy-stricken dogs and were on a prescription foods. I was worried of the preservatives and chemicals on their foods but didn't have any issues.

    I was very excited to try NomNom because of its freshness and wholesomeness. Sadly, Daisy had been constantly licking after a week on the foods. She was also scooting more and more so at the vet today, vet found her glands were full and an infection on her paws because of licking. She's now on antibiotics. Bella and Iris have been having diarrhea issues, as well as licking so she advised to gradually put them back on their original food.

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