What kinds of treats are healthy for my dog?

With NomNomNow fresh dog food, you know that your dog is getting all-natural meals, free of artificial ingredients and fillers. 

When choosing treats, you'll want to look for something similar: pure, whole foods, with nothing added. 

When at home, fresh, healthy treats can be found right in your fridge! Try small carrot sticks, spinach leaves, celery sticks, blueberries, watermelon, or green bell peppers. Play around to see which are your dog's favorite.

When purchasing treats, look for something also made of pure ingredients. All-natural meat jerky dog treats ate typically a good go-to: chicken jerky, beef jerky, etc. These types of treats are made of sliced, dehydrated meats, and all-natural versions should include nothing else. Double-check the label to make sure they're free of preservatives or any other additives, and make sure they're produced in the USA. (There have been many issues and recalls with jerky treats made outside of the USA.)

Here are NomNomNow we think it's most important to think of health first, and these options give you a few ways to find healthy treats for your dog. 

If you are a current NomNomNow customer, you can also choose to include our NomNomNow Chicken Jerky in your deliveries. All-natural, made in the USA, with one ingredient only (chicken), these 4 oz. bags cost $13.99, and are a healthy way to round out your dog's diet.

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